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Is NCSHA competing with local travel teams and house league?

NCSHA is NOT in competition with our local clubs. In fact you can play for your local club and play high school hockey at the same time. High School Hockey is the only hockey outlet that allows you to play both without penalty. We believe high school hockey will keep more players in hockey and attract young players to hockey. High school hockey is a natural progression of youth hockey, not a competitor.  High school hockey is a destination for many players and can be part of the journey to college hockey and beyond. 

In our area we accept lower teen participation rates in hockey as part of a natural cycle. Many believe our kids simply lose interest in playing hockey as a part of growing up. This is not true and it doesn’t need to be this way in the Raleigh area. Teenagers’ priorities change and they shouldn’t have to choose between playing hockey and attending school events or focusing on homework and studying. 

NCSHA will provide teenagers with a competitive hockey league that fits their changing needs/priorities and reverse the hockey drop-out trend. Varsity hockey programs allow players time to focus on school, social/family activities, and even part-time jobs. A look at programs in northern states will show, high school hockey programs allow students to thrive at a sport they love in a competitive, high-caliber environment. 


Frequently Asked Questions

We are a not-for-profit organization with a goal of offering high school age hockey players in North Carolina the opportunity to better their skills and play competitive, contact hockey for their school/community. 

Students enrolled in high school in North Carolina are eligible. 


North Carolina High School Hockey League (NCHSHL) is a school and community based league with teams formed by high school and additional students who live in the particular school district. 

The North Carolina Scholastic Hockey Association (NCSHA) will oversee league and activities offered.

Depending on the number of players, schools may be grouped together based on communities and locations. These teams will be named after the school that most of the players attend or the community that the majority of the players live. Small schools or home-schooled students are eligible to play for the school in their community.


For the 2022-23 season, an independent team may be formed from the community if there are sufficient number of players outside the Raleigh area. The association will assist independent teams in formation and locating a home rink for practices. If a player is in an area without sufficient players for an independent team, the player may be offered a spot on a league team provided there is an open spot and it is approved by NCSHA. 


Players will participate in 1 to 2 sessions of drills and scrimmages and then placed on teams by coaches and independent evaluators. 


It is NCSHA’s desire, whenever possible, to provide opportunities for participation and will try to field enough teams to meet demand. While placement and participation are not guaranteed, NCSHA embraces the philosophy and vision of Hockey is for Everyone. Every attempt will be made to form teams and development opportunities for all interested players. 


This is a U18 classification, therefore the team roster will be comprised of any mix of high school students. If numbers and talent permit a classification system will be considered using an A and B or Varsity and Junior Varsity.


Our goal in the future to have a team represent North Carolina in the USA Hockey High School Nationals.
National tournaments are scouted by many NCAA D1 and D3 scouts along with many Junior Teir1-Tier 3 team scouts.
Depending on interest, an all-star team could enter the annual America's Showcase in St Louis, MO, one of the top hockey showcases in the country.

We want to create a high school hockey league across the state. 

We want to  become involved with all high schools  introducing and sharing the fun and excitement of the great game of hockey.


If you interested in playing in the upcoming Spring or Fall season please fill out the player interest form under Players tab at the top of the screen. 


If you interested in being an assistant or head coach in the upcoming Spring or Fall season, please fill out the coaching survey on the Coaches tab at the top of the screen. 


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